Accordion Fire Doors - FireGuard

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Accordion Fire Doors - FireGuard

The FireGuard door is an automatic horizontally sliding fire door allowing spaces to be connected whilst providing the required fire protection. Architects and Fire Engineers have the flexibility to visually and physically connect spaces to allow the free movement of people across openings whilst maintaining fire safety.

-doors generally in the open position, and close on activation of a smoke or fire alarm.

-sit discreetly, out of view in a pocket at the side of the opening.

-top hung, with no floor tracks to disrupt floor finishes or be a trip hazard.

-offer wide openings; thus replacing multiple sets of hinged fire doors

-allow free, uninterrupted movement of people across the opening

-can be re-opened with push pad operation; unlike roller shutters

-self monitoring control system that highlights any abnormality

-operated by battery, so still work if the power goes down

-leading edge sensor protecting personnel passing a closing door

-up to 2 hour fire rating to European Standards, and 3 hours to USA Standards 

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Accordion Fire Door - FireGuard Case Studies

Restaurant in London

The restaurant shared a single space with a retail outlet, but compartmentation was required between the two purpose groups. Closing off the restaurant area with sets of hinged fire doors would have been a physical and mental barrier to customers approaching the restaurant, and would have destroyed the light open, airy feel of being connected to the retail space and its view onto the streetscene beyond.

A FireGuard door was installed leaving the spaces connected, allowing customers the freedom to see and drift into the restaurant area at will and maintaining the view and natural light. The FireGuard door sits discreetly in a pocket, providing the compartmentation and closing automatically when needed. 


Hospital in the West Midlands

The hospital was having a major extension built forming a large double height open entrance space flooded with light. The reception area was adjacent, but within the footprint of the existing building and compartmentation was required on the boundary between the new and existing areas.

The solution to avoid the reception being hidden away and closed off from the new entrance facility was to install a FireGuard door and open up the compartment wall and connect the two spaces visually and physically, but maintaining the necessary fire protection. The outcome is an unqualified success.