Flat Panel Moving Walls

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Flat Panel Moving Walls

When in place these systems form a flat, solid wall and fold away to a stacking area when not in use. 

There are two basic system types of Flat Panel Moving Walls - Sliding Folding Partitions and Operable Walls. The choice between the two will depend on sound reduction requirements, available structural support, stacking layout and the need for pass doors. 

Finishes can be plain colours, wood grains, polished wood veneer and or site applied graphics. Vision panels, glazing and pass doors are also available. 

Often used in schools, offices, hotels, universities, leisure centres, churches etc, they offer a huge range of possibilities for more efficient flexible use of available space. Our experienced engineers would be happy to discuss your detailed requirements and advise on the options.

Sliding Folding Partitions

A major benefit of these systems is that they can be floor supported, using a slim floor track. This is the most common specification  as it  avoids the need for costly supporting head structure. This can be important in existing buildings where no support is present, and would be prohibitively expensive to install. With the introduction of “portacabin” auxiliary classrooms in schools this type of partition lends itself to this application. 

Top hung models are available where a floor track would not be suitable, leaving floor finishes undisturbed. 

The flat panels are hinged together and stack at one or both ends when not in use. One end panel is usually a pass door which can be very useful. Sound reductions of up to Rw49dB are available as standard.


Operable Walls

These models offer the highest sound rating up to Rw58dB for flat panel moving walls with maximum flexibility of layout and stacking arrangement. 

Made up of individual panels that are always top hung from a head track requiring structural support above, the panels can be stacked at the end of the partition, or remotely in a suitable stack area. Full height end pass doors and inset pass doors can be included. 

Sound reduction is enhanced by moving retractable top and bottom seals which can be offered with electric operation. 

All operable walls are custom built to the required sizes which range from classroom/office settings to very large sports hall and conference centre locations.